Skin Care Company – Case Study

Nicole owns and operates a successful beauty and skin care company.She worked hard to grow her business to its current size of several million in annual revenue. Long hours were needed in order to become this successful and she sacrificed much of her peace of mind and work/life balance to get here. On top of her game she feels that something is missing but can’t quite put her finger on it.

Nicole doesn’t just need someone telling her what to do. She has tremendous professional experience and knows how to achieve results.

She wants a partner for her growth and a sounding board with valuable insight into what is missing in her approach. At times she feels dissatisfied and restless about the choices she sees on the horizon.


We introduced Nicole to a coaching process of a different kind. Based on our Sacred Entrepreneurship™ program, Nicole reviewed her company’s vision and operations with deeper understanding and aligned her company’s performance with her personal goals, the well being of her family and friends and the world around her. She received guidance in the implementation of our 4 Pillars of Conscious Business and Sacred Entrepreneurship™.


Her reactivity and anxiety decreased concurringly to her growing insight and her ability to develop her business under the Sacred Entrepreneurship™ model.

She feels more joyful, confident and centered in most situations, whether alone in her office or around clients and employees.

She realized that her life and business are a direct expression of her process of integration and personal awareness. She moves forward with newfound inspiration and intelligence.

Work/Life balance is no longer a luxury; it’s now a human capital contribution to her company.

Her employees and peers look to her with admiration. She gets approached for skillful advice. Her clients and industry insiders are taken by her empowered presence, not just her company’s products. The company still continues to grow in productivity and sales.

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