Mindful Leadership Breakthrough System with Dawa Tarchin Phillips

The Mindful Leadership Breakthrough System is designed to help executives and leadership development professionals apply mindfulness principles to overcome common internal and external barriers to presence, productivity and performance.


Until now, the research and deep rooted benefits of mindful leadership training weren’t very accessible to the wide public. With Dawa’s mindful leadership online course you are finally able to receive the clear and actionable training you have been looking for. The Mindful Leadership Breakthrough System is a complete online course, based on cutting-edge research, experience and insights on the benefits of mindfulness and compassion for the leaders of today.

Talent Selection Onboarding

New Chapter on Mindfulness by Empowerment Holdings’ President and CEO Dawa Tarchin Phillips: Pages 77 – 84


New chapter on Mindfulness by Empowerment Holdings’ President and CEO Dawa Tarchin Phillips: Pages 38 – 47