Prestigious Law Firm – Case Study


David is in his sixties and a senior partner in a prestigious law firm. He handles Mergers and Acquisitions. He works hard, is successful and well connected.

At the height of his success, after nearly thirty years of marriage, his wife leaves suddenly. Disoriented and shaken by the events, David sets out to review his approach and learn all there is to know about difficult conversations, separation and loss. He attends seminars and reads countless books on self-improvement and relationships.

His career is affected because he is now going through a difficult divorce. His wife is suing, his children suffering under the separation; he’s exhausted from ongoing issues with anger and depression. His therapist, who he has known and worked with for years, isn’t able to guide him beyond the limits of his own perspective.

After about a year of his own efforts he calls us because he heard about our background in meditation practice and that we are skilled at coaching our clients toward emotional intelligence and greater professional composure. He wants to make more out of life and comes to us for help.


David receives our One-on-One Mindfulness Based Leadership Training and gets immediate answers. He and his coach spend several sessions reviewing the different aspects of David’s personal and professional situation and then begin to lay out a tailored action plan for initiating real and sustainable change according to our 4 Pillars of Conscious Business and Sacred Entrepreneurship™.

David and his coach (Empowered People) develop a vision and strategy for his desired development that accurately addresses David’s frustrations and self-defeating habits of emotional reactivity.

David receives training in recognizing and working with destructive emotions. He is given one-on-one mindfulness and awareness training (Empowered Perspective, Empowered Process).  David is held accountable by his coach to give weekly progress updates on implementation (Empowered process, Empowered Performance).


David identified several root causes for his distress. He learned to identify his habitual mental narratives and destructive emotions earlier. He reacts less frantic when challenged and stays calm during tough proceedings.

Even David enjoys greater work/Life balance. Even when at work he is more focused and composed in taking care of his clients. His partners have remarked the change, his children find him more relaxed and emotionally available, and he displays greater emotional intelligence and leadership.

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